Everything You Need To Know About Platonic Sugar Daddies

A traditional sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship mean that the lady gets financial support while the sugar daddy gets regular sex. But what about platonic relationships? Is it even possible to find a platonic sugar daddy? Keep reading this comprehensive guide to learn more about sugar platonic relationships and platonic sugar daddies!

What Is Platonic Sugar Dating?

So, what is platonic sugar dating? Well, the term is rather self-explanatory. Rather than dating to have sex, sugar daddies seek sugar babies for companionship and to spend time together. In some cases, older successful men want beautiful sugar babies to be their escort during various business events.

In exchange for such relationships, a platonic sugar baby gets gifts or an allowance. So, the platonic sugar baby doesn’t offer sexual relationships or services to the platonic sugar daddy.

Sugar daddies and sugar babies spend time together. The successful guy may be older and more interested in interesting conversations. The older man may want to feel younger in a company of a gorgeous sugar baby. 

Platonic Sugar Daddies

Pros And Cons Of Platonic Sugar Dating 

Now you know what platonic relationships and platonic sugar dating is. But what are the benefits and drawbacks of platonic relationships? Some might immediately state that not having sex with an older guy is a benefit, but what other pros? Let’s see below in detail. 


  • Safety in terms of health (because there is no sex with a sugar daddy or sugar baby).
  • A perfect option for older successful men who want to spend time with gorgeous women.
  • It’s cheaper for older successful men to be escorted during business events.
  • Sugar babies get financial support without the need to have sex with sugar daddies.
  • A perfect option for older sugar daddies who want platonic relationships, not sex.
  • Sugar daddies feel younger in the presence of beautiful women.


  • Not having sex when sugar dating (platonic dating).
  • Sugar dating costs more than a regular friendship (that has no cost). 

Platonic Sugar Daddies Websites And Apps 

If you’re interested in sugar dating an older guy, use dating apps and websites. It’s the easiest way to find a sugar daddy. 


  • What’s Your Price. This sugar website stands out because of its bidding function. It’s easier for sugar daddies to bid and compete with other guys over a sugar baby. It’s fun to use the website, and a ton of successful guys seek platonic relationships. 
  • SugarDaddyMeet. This website is popular in such countries as the U.S, Canada, and Australia. The website is perfect for sugar daddies and sugar babies who love to flirt and have fun. If you live in one of these countries, try SugarDaddyMeet!
  • Secret Benefits. It’s not exactly a sugar daddy and sugar baby website, and it’s for relationships with benefits. However, many sugar daddies use Secret Benefits to flirt with women and have fun. It’s a perfect option to find a sugar daddy. 


  • Seeking. It’s one of the best apps for sugar dating relationships. Sugar daddies and sugar babies find partners for sexual or platonic relationships. Moreover, the app caters to the interests of men and women, both married and single. It has a user-friendly interface and is easy to use. 
  • Sudy. It’s a perfect app for women since it’s free for sugar babies! Sugar daddies can benefit from using Sudy since it doesn’t require men to be millionaires to find attractive sugar babies. The app is rather popular and has around four million users. 
  • Seeking Arrangements. It’s one of the most popular apps with over twenty million users! The app features sugar daddies of an average age of 45. It’s easy to find sugar daddies and sugar babies for platonic relationships. Seeking Arrangements is also useful for sugar mommas. 

Platonic Relationship Rules 

Platonic relationships, just like all other relationships, have rules. You can’t expect to put minimum effort while dating a sugar daddy. So, here are a few tips for having successful platonic relationships with a sugar daddy:

  • Stay honest about your feelings. Don’t pretend you are in love with a man you’re sugar dating. Typically, sugar daddies know that their sugar babies stay with them for financial reasons. So, do not ruin relationships with sugar daddies by being dishonest. Just don’t talk about love or attachments. 
  • Ensure healthy boundaries when sugar dating. Everyone needs boundaries, sugar daddies too. Ask your sugar daddy what topics he doesn’t want to discuss. 
  • Refrain from too much physical affection and gestures when sugar dating platonically. If your sugar daddy respects your platonic relationships, he shouldn’t try to convince you to have sex with him. If that’s the case, you might need a new sugar daddy. However, you should too refrain from being physically attached to the sugar daddy, even if he’s sexy. Platonic sugar dating is more about emotional intimacy, not about physical relationships. 
  • Value each other’s personal space. It’s one of the most important aspects of any relationship. Do not be too clingy, and don’t disrupt the man’s standard routine. Discuss when you can meet and when you can communicate. That way, you’ll have personal space while being in a platonic relationship with an older guy. 
  • Avoid talking about sex. It’s simple, don’t talk about sex. Talk about interests and topics you’re mutually interested in and want to discuss. 
  • Have more interests and hobbies. Moreover, consider researching hobbies that your partner is interested in. That way, you’ll have topics to discuss.

Sugar babies should be more interested in what their sugar daddies prefer and love to do in life. Sharing interests is one way to be successful in any relationship. 

Platonic Sugar Daddies

Editor’s Advice 

Sugar babies should make it clear that they are interested only in platonic relationships. Setting boundaries is critical in any relationship, especially when dating a sugar daddy. It’s also important to understand that sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships are entirely different from traditional dating. Sugar babies get an allowance or gifts, while sugar daddies get attention and beautiful women beside them. 

How To Communicate With Platonic Sugar Daddy? 

First things first, set boundaries and talk about the dos and don’ts of your platonic relationships. If a sugar baby doesn’t like men controlling her life, she should be very clear about this at the beginning of sugar dating. Older successful men like to control aspects and people in their lives, so ensure the guy knows and agrees with your boundaries.

Sugar babies should ask what older men expect from them. Let’s be real, sugar dating is a rather transactional type of relationship, so both parties should make it clear what they expect from each other. The older guy may pay for the sugar baby’s apartment, make gifts, set a monthly allowance, etc. In return, he wants something else. 

Sugar babies should know their “duties” and agree with them. Only that way can sugar dating be healthy and safe. Sugar babies should also respect sugar daddy’s boundaries and avoid behaving like they are in a traditional relationship. 

Choose The Right Photo 

If a sugar baby is seeking sugar daddies on Instagram or on dating apps, she should consider having the best photos. A sugar baby may use the professional services of photographers since these photos should be of the best quality. If a sugar baby is into traditional sugar daddy relationships, he should post sexy photos in bikinis or sexy lingeries.

But if your goal is having platonic relationships with a sugar daddy, you have to become a different kind of sugar baby. Post beautiful and high-quality photos, but don’t be too sexy. 

Sugar babies should post photos where they wear more classy clothing items. It’s also critical to have a pedicure and a manicure in perfect shape. You don’t need expensive clothing items from famous brands, but you have to look expensive. Shop for clothes that are less revealing yet complementary to your body. Don’t be too modest.

Show Sugar Daddy What You Have To Offer For Platonic Friendship

If a sugar baby doesn’t have an active life, interests, or hobbies, why would someone be interested in platonic relationships with her? Sugar babies should work on their hobbies and interests, read more and ensure they can talk about different topics. Sugar babies should work more on their small talk. Small talk is critical if you’re escorting your date to various business events.

Overall, sugar babies should work on their social media pages. Their Instagram pages should show their active lifestyle. For example, showing photos of going to the gym, attending parties, reading, spending time with friends, working on hobbies, etc. This active lifestyle should show the man that a sugar baby has a life outside of simply dating a guy. It’s proof that their sugar babies won’t be too clingy. 


So, platonic sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships are different from traditional sugar dating. Sometimes, men want beautiful women to escort them to business events without having sex. Sometimes sugar daddies are older and not interested in sex. There are different situations when older successful men seek sugar babies, but one thing is clear: platonic relationships truly exist.

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