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You are accustomed to spending time efficiently, which helps you achieve success. You know how to choose the right partner offering the best conditions. Now you have begun to consider meeting a nice older woman who would share your attitude to life values ​​and support your life style. But you are tired of casual dating and want something more efficient and high-quality. In this case, modern online dating sites are perfect for you, where you can find the perfect partner.

But not all online dating websites work the same way. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a thorough analysis and choose the best internet dating platform. But analyzing dozens of parameters for each service will take a lot of time. We decided to help you be more efficient. In our Cougar Life review, we will tell you about the company’s features.

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Short Overview of Cougar Life

Of course, it is necessary to tell about the history and principles of the Cougar Life dating site. This dating platform started working in the 10s and became quite popular in many countries, including the USA. The main objective of the service is to help men who prefer mature women. They can find a woman for flirting, sex, and even serious relationships. However, most often, Cougar Life dating site clients are users who want to start a sugar relationship. This is a special way of communication in which both partners benefit. Young men can receive gifts and monetary rewards, while women receive emotional support and companionship. However, we found reviews of real clients who found marriage partners here. So you decide how the Cougar Life dating platform will be for you.

Cougar Life History

The history of Cougar Life began over ten years ago. At this time, dating sites became very popular, and the company decided to find the right niche. They realized that there are a lot of single mature ladies who want to hang out with younger guys and have fun. Therefore, the company tried to create the most comfortable platform that guarantees convenience and safety.

Statistics show that Cougar Life site customers today are more than five million people. This is a very large audience, which allows you to become one of the leaders in the segment (other cougar dating sites cooperate with 3-4 million customers). Also, we note a high percentage of an active audience. More than 600,000 members visit the page every month. The average age of clients is 18-34 for men and 35-45 for women. This is a great niche site for this age group due to its good gender proportion. After all, about 30% of mature women and 70% of younger men are registered on the page. So ladies will be able to find a partner.


Website, App, Interface, Registration

Today, users of cougar dating sites are quite demanding, and that’s okay. They want the search for a partner to be safe and convenient. Therefore, a responsible company tries to develop a good page design so that not one person experiences problems. In this part of the Cougar Life review, we will tell you about the page’s features.

Website and Mobile Version

Real professionals worked on the design of the Cougar Life dating site. The first impression of the web page is very pleasant. The visitor sees a nice adult woman and an offer to register (a large and bright button is located in the upper right corner and lower left corner). Also, we will note the high-quality functionality and UX structure. Thanks to this, even an inexperienced user can quickly find the desired section and start chatting with older women. The registration process is very simple so that every adult user can go through it and take the first step toward a romantic date with older women.

Moreover, this dating internet site tries to be as convenient and up-to-date as possible. Therefore, the company’s customers can download the Cougar Life mobile app and install it on their devices. The program is well-optimized and works great with iOS and Android devices. Installation and authorization take only a few minutes, so that you can communicate with other users in any convenient place. We have tested this method and can note the good optimization of the cougar life app. It is a user-friendly and error-free program available for free on the Google Play store and App Store platforms.

Sign Up Process. Is It Easy Here?

So we discovered that Cougar Life is a great site for older women dating younger men. Now it’s time to become a client of the platform. This free option is available to all adult users, and the registration process will only take a few minutes.

  1. You must find the registration button on the official page of the cougar dating site and click it.
  2. You will need to enter personal information, specifying your login, account password, country of residence, race, type of relationship, and e-mail.
  3. Agree to the platform rules. Many dating sites have their peculiarities of work – therefore, we recommend you carefully read all available documents. This will help you avoid mistakes and search for a partner more efficiently.
  4. The final step is to follow the welcome link and get access to the cougar life account.

You are now a new Cougar Life dating site client and can use all available tools. You have taken the first step towards happiness.

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Are the Accounts Real Here?

Fake accounts are a problem with modern dating sites. Some users register under false names and add incorrect information. Their goal is not to find a partner for a relationship but to gain benefits. We have analyzed Cougar Life’s work and found some fake profiles here. However, this is not a serious problem because even the best dating sites have this drawback. It is important to pay attention to the percentage of such profiles and how the security service responds to complaints. You can not worry, because this ratio is really small. Moreover, in our Cougar Life review, we give you valuable advice. Communicate only with verified users – this way, you can be sure that you will meet the chosen partner on a date in real life.

Special Features

Modern dating sites offer potential customers additional unique benefits to keep them interested. Cougar Life also has a list of unique features we cover in our review.

  • Virtual gifts. Dating service wants the client’s communication with other members on the platform to be as pleasant and comfortable as possible. Therefore, you can send virtual gifts to the lady or young men you like. This allows you to show the strength of your sympathy.
  • Private gallery. Each user of the cougar dating site has a public gallery with pictures. But there is also a section with private photos that he can show other members. There may be spicy content that you show to people you like (they have to make a request, and you have to approve it).
  • Search date. You can activate this option and see which older women want to date tonight or another day. A nice option that allows you to be more efficient.
  • Cougar Life blog. A section where other members share their experiences. Here you can find real and online dating tips and more.
CougarLife features

Pros and Cons

Every online dating website has advantages and disadvantages. You should know everything about the platform’s features – this will help you avoid mistakes and choose the best site. This part of the Cougar Life review will discuss the company’s advantages and disadvantages.


  • This is one of the most popular online dating services. A large number of mature women and younger men are registered here – more than 5 million people;
  • Lots of Cougar Life profiles verified and well-detailed;
  • An advanced search tool allows you to quickly find attractive women and younger men that match their personality, physical appearance, and other criteria;
  • The presence of additional features makes online communication as enjoyable as possible;
  • The site is gaining only good stuff so that we will note the quality work of the support service and the high level of security;
  • Availability of cougar life’s version for iOS or Android mobile phones and tablets.


  • We found several fake profiles on the Cougar Life website;
  • Gifts cost credits are higher than other dating sites;
  • You cannot register with social media platforms;
  • The minimum set of features available to a free member.

Partner Search

A new client of the Cougar Life Dating Website gets access to important features that he can use to find like-minded people. Thanks to modern technologies, this process has become more comfortable and convenient. And this site gives you just what you need.

How Does Cougar Life Work?

Let’s find out how Cougar Life work. This is one of the most popular internet sites where older women dating younger guys. One of the strengths of the company is high efficiency. You get access to many possibilities thanks to this platform. Cougar site uses adaptive matchmaking algorithms. The platform considers your preferences, so even opting out of search results improves efficiency. Every day, the service will offer you potential matches. You can view other members profiles, start chatting, opt out, and keep searching. Also, you can offer a real date when chatting online. Using all the platform features lets you quickly find a date with a charming mature woman.

Searching Options and Filters at Cougar Life

This is one of the most important tools available to the client of a cougar dating site. The platform uses the most advanced matchmaking systems to analyze many personal details. We recommend that you customize all filters by specifying your preferences. The search tab is at the top of the page. You can click on this button and specify the most important parameters for you in a partner. This may be a member’s age, eyes and hair color, body type, age, race, city, country of residence, character traits, and other features.

Now it remains to press the button and see what matches Cougar Life’s searching program found. Everything takes a few minutes. Some people spend time (maybe even their entire life) looking for a partner offline. But thanks to modern technology, you can start communicating right now.

CougarLife find your partner

Communication Methods

So, you have found the best partner on Cougar Life dating site. Now you need to send messages and start online communication. This option is only available for premium members, so you will have to make a deposit. After that, you can send messages to the participants you like. Cougar dating site offers a convenient way to communicate online. You can exchange messages on the platform and send virtual gifts (for example, on a birth date or other occasion).

Also, you can send a request to other members and get access to the section with private photos. The service allows you to make dating online as comfortable as possible, thanks to the ability to send letters and videos. We recommend communicating with a potential partner more so you can find useful information about his character. And then decide if you’re ready for a date.

Membership Price and Payment Method

In our Cougar Life review, we talk about all the important aspects of the company, including the cost of a subscription. The site uses the internal currency (coins) with which you pay for the selected services. However, some tools are available to you immediately after registering an account. Let’s find out more about payment methods and subscription costs on this internet site.

Free Features

So, you have become the owner of a free account on the Cougar Life dating site. The company offers new users a set of features.

  • Send flirts. This tool allows you to show other users your sympathy and willingness to start a dialogue;
  • Completing a profile. Add a profile photo and tell other Cougar Life members about your preferences;
  • View profile members. View the profiles of the ladies you like and read information about them;
  • Communication with customer support service. You can ask questions and get professional answers.

Premium Features

Most of the features of the cougar dating platform become available after purchasing a subscription. Cougar Life membership gives you access to essential tools.

  • Online communication. Now you can send and read cougar life messages;
  • Virtual gifts. You can make communication with charming ladies not only by sending Cougar Life messages but also by nice gifts to charming ladies;
  • Access to the private photo gallery. Send requests to owners, get permission and enjoy juicy content;
  • Rating improvement. Cougar Life premium membership boosts your rankings. Thanks to this, you are more likely to start chatting with nice women.
Cougar Life app

How Much Is Sugar Dating on Cougar Life?

It would be best if you bought a Cougar Life subscription for more comfortable cooperation. After all, paid membership gives you access to important tools. The company cooperates with reliable payment systems, so you will be fine with replenishing the deposit. You can use a Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, or American Express credit card. Also, it is possible to replenish the account through the PayPal electronic system. The site uses local currency to pay for services. You can choose one of the available packages.

  • 100 credits Cougar Life cost $29.99 ($0.3 per coin);
  • 500 credits – $99.99 ($0.2 per coin);
  • 1000 Cougar Life credits cost $149.99 ($0.15 per coin).

Also, the service offers automatic renewal. We recommend cancel Cougar Life subscription to avoid unplanned charges on your credit card.

Is Cougar Life Safe?

Security is one of the top priorities when choosing a platform. Most dating sites today are trying to create the most comfortable conditions and guarantee reliable protection for users. We will discuss this aspect in this section of the Cougar Life review.

Technical Side of Protection

It is worth noting that the site uses modern security systems. SSL protocols with complex dynamic code use a 128-bit cipher. This code is almost impossible to crack, so the scammer will not get access to your data. Moreover, the site has a professional security service that monitors the quality of the platform and quickly blocks suspicious activity. You can help them and click the report button if you encounter a suspicious account.

Also, we give you some useful tips in our Cougar Life review. First, we recommend you go through the verification procedure and get a special verification link. This mark confirms your identity, so other users can be sure they are communicating with a real person. Moreover, verification and a well-filled profile increase your ranking, which increases your chances of success. Communicate with verified users – this will help minimize risks. Read all service documents available on the Cougar Life site. This is very useful – here, you will learn how to avoid sexual pursuits and make the path to pleasure as safe, effective, and enjoyable as possible.

CougarLife support

Customer Support

Another important part of the Cougar Life review is where we talk about the work of the client service. The company makes sure that your experience is positive. You can read the answers to important questions in one of the site’s sections. Also, the support staff is always ready to help. You can call them at 1-877-740-3176 for a quick response. It is possible to send a letter to [email protected], attaching all the necessary documents and screenshots. We can note the high level of professionalism of the staff. On the forums, we found many cancel customer reviews with complaints. This means that the support service responds quickly and professionally and helps to solve the problem in the shortest possible time.


Well, now you know everything you need to know about Cougar Life features thanks to our review. This great platform has a modern landing and offers users a wide range of options. It remains to move from theory to practice. Specify your priority mail and go through the registration procedure. Now set your search preferences and see what matches the algorithm finds. View profiles and Cougar Life photos, and then start chatting with the lady you like. We hope that this will be the beginning of a pleasant relationship for you. Good luck!

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