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Finding someone significant today is pretty easy. It’s even easier if we’re talking about online dating, that is, seeking a sugar baby in the virtual space. So understanding changing social norms about who asks or who pays and expectations about where relationships might go is all very difficult. People using online dating services including should remain vigilant about respecting their privacy when it comes to communicating with a sugar baby to your liking.

Adult single people can be busier than ever. Thus, busy schedules can make it difficult to visit a single event or bar/club. Besides, they just want to believe that communication with virtual a potential sugar baby will be safe.

Social distancing protocols have changed how people can interact in public with sugar babies. Whatever the reason, including physical distancing, vigilant online dating offers users access to potential matching partners they might not otherwise meet in real life. This is especially important if people living in remote areas where there are few opportunities to arrange meetings and dates in general. This is one of the benefits of dating sites.

Many dating websites and apps are made for people who are now seeking sugar babies who meet certain criteria and thus allow them to verify people. Therefore, you only need to compete against some other sugar babies who meet your preferred criteria.

EmilyDates main pages

Emily Dates Overview

Emily Dates is an original dating site for sugar baby searches. This is an ideal option for those who are looking for relationships on the side or romantic dates. This is perfect if you want to enter a dating site with reasonable terms and prices. The pricing policy of the Emily Dates website is built on the principle of the simplest formula that every newbie who enters the site can figure out.

Emily Dates First Impression 

By visiting this original international sugar baby dating site first, foreign single men will be able to find sugar babies from all over the globe. EmilyDates boasts an impressive collection of platform member adult profiles and a high percentage of perfect matches, thanks to its exceptionally smart approach to screening. Emily Dates is one of the few adult dating sites with cheap virtual gifts. Emily Dates is a website with all categories of adults: from sugar moms as well as sugar babies as and sugar daddies.


Registration on the site with sugar babies is divided into several parts. First of all, the newcomer enters the current email address, full name, and age. As a “new user”, the site developers contributed the following:

  1. Describe specific goals for those who want to use the platform with sugar babes (dating, relationships, traveling, etc.);
  2. Possibility to indicate the allowance you can afford, and sugar babies can indicate how much they want to receive;
  3. Provided some information about yourself (occupation, marital status, etc.);
  4. Information is then provided on height, weight, build, and hair/eye color.

Finally, it’s time to upload your quality photo: users with several quality photos may get more views. The final step in the process is to write some words about yourself (not include the contact info in the profile description).

EmilyDates features

EmilyDates Membership

Currently, this adult platform is interested in users with statistics of more than 2 million adults, including sugar daddies, sugar babes, and mommies. About 70% of these adult members are sugar babies who get in touch with 30% of sugar daddies. This is a pretty good ratio for this original dating website. It is quite complicated to find empty profiles on the site as its users provide quite detailed and genuine information.

Age Distribution


Emily Dates Features


  • The sugar babe filters offered by the site include:
  • City and age of the interlocutor;
  • Height and weight of the sugar baby and mommy;
  • The purpose of meeting a potential partner;
  • Work (occupation, profession);
  • Habits;
  • Interlocutor’s hair or eye color;
  • Lifestyle Budget;
  • Children (with or without);
  • Body type of a sugar baby;
  • Appearance;
  • Relationship status.


Search filters are quite simplified by Emily Dates:

  • Growth;
  • Gender;
  • Orientation; 
  • City.

In fact, the profiles on Emily Dates are not as detailed. Still, the search filter has the advantage of filtering only proven and interesting partners. Most sugar babes only provide basic information about themselves and their goals on the platform.

There are not so many verified accounts with a lot of photos. However, we should mention that some accounts may be missing pictures and detailed descriptions of the sugar babes as they make up their activities. Thus, the response rate is quite fast and based on feedback from real users: they received quite a few emails immediately after signing up.

EmilyDates security


EmilyDates offers the following ways to communicate with sugar babes:

  • Instant Messages;
  • Gifts;
  • Flirting tools (Winks).

The website has a limited range of options to communicate with potential sugar partners. Besides sending messages to sugar babies, you can also send them virtual gifts. Unfortunately, there is no opportunity to order real gifts for the sugar baby you like.

According to statistics, three out of ten adults in the United States use online dating services. This explains the popularity of the following dating website. When using the platform, you will have free access to some detailed information about other members that will make it easier to find the right partner.

Mobile App

It’s not that wrong when there’s a well-designed app by Emily Dates for sugar daddies and sugar babies. It follows that there is a benefit to using the current application. Thanks to the practical mobile version, we can make more diverse connections with sugar babies.

Expanding the circle of potential love partners means that we increase our chances of meeting someone who suits us one hundred percent. Try not to chat with everyone at once when it comes to instant chat in the application. Filter interlocutors according to convenient search parameters. Choose the one to get to know the person better and see if your values ​​​​and ideas about the future coincide.

EmilyDates Costs

Free Features

Whether you use the free (basic) version of the EmilyDates app with the sugar babes offered, you can sign up, view the profile directory, and send messages without paying for it. In addition, you will have free access to profile photos and activities.

The free features are as follows:

  • View profiles;
  • Likes and winks;
  • Adding images;
  • Search;
  • Support 24/7.

Basic (free) features is a great way to get familiar with the site in general. You can also try the premium trial. 

EmilyDates app

Paid Features

By choosing a paid subscription, you can:

  • Send messages to your favorite babies;
  • Exchange contacts with sugar daddies and moms;
  • Access to photo tape;
  • Use the following platform in anonymous mode;
  • Prioritize your profile position in the fixed search results.

A paid premium option allows you to escape any type of fraud. This makes it easier to co,e into a beautiful sugar princess who shares the same interests.

To use additional tools, you may purchase a credit package. A selection of payment methods is available on the website. You can pay with Google or Apple Pay. Also, the platform accepts payments from Visa and Mastercard.

To test all the features offered on the dating platform, get a 3-day trial of the Premium subscription. At the end of the trial period, you pay 25 credits for $29.99.

If you choose to use the following dating platform in anonymous mode, then you have to pay:

  • 15 credits = 7 days;
  • 20 credits = 14 days;
  • 25 credits = 30 days.

Success Stories

Martha Schindler, a Public Figure from Canada

The sugar babe I happened to meet on the Emily Dates website had the same goals as me. She was not afraid to declare her lesbian intentions openly. This platform has a place to be in demand because there, you will find all the best in terms of modern and extraordinary dating. A girl named Jessie had one of the most noticeable accounts, and so I dared not just wink or like but send a message. Then I decided to do something nice by sending a virtual gift to my potential woman. To my surprise, she answered almost immediately, and since then, I did no doubt about her real intentions.

John Swift, a Self-Employed from the USA

Emily Dates is a quality communication platform. Either way, its users have to pay to send messages to sugar babes and sugar daddies. The premium version will help me to find the perfect match. I came across a lot of tempting offers. The advanced search filters are used by premium users, which I actually happened to do. Having issued a paid subscription, I got access to a specific audience. Finally, I can state that this is one of the best dating websites to meet a sugar partner from anywhere. However, the platform is available in many languages ​​and never restricts free access for non-residents.

Expert’s Opinion

“I am the main tester of the dating online website with sugar babes and have analyzed all the factors carefully enough. I’m in charge of fact-checking, finding accurate statistics, verifying details, and writing posts for our site. as well. I have provided only the most useful and interesting information for you. Emily Dates has quite a lot of members and you can say that I was looking for virtual moms. I asked the female member what she was searching on the site and she replied that it would friendship and sex if both interlocutors were interested in each other. It would probably be a good deal. Still, after we said that this is not what she was seeking on this website, she stopped then responding to our messages.”

Pitt Morgan

EmilyDates support

Tips to Use EmilyDates

  • Emily Dates is the few dating websites with very cheap gifts. The total cost of a virtual gift offered by the platform is 1 credit; thus. sending a virtual gift is a good way to attract the attention of the sugar baby or a sugar daddy you like.
  • Popular profiles on the site are very detailed: adding extra information is quite easy; it’s a rather free way to be noticeable on the platform as most of its members add basic information in a few sentence format.
  • Likes and winks work as complementary methods of communication with other methods: there is a chance that a pretty sugar woman will look at your profile. Even if she does not contact you in a chat immediately after viewing, she will most likely like you over time and appear on your top list. This way you will know whether the member is really interested in your conversation without spending a credit.


EmilyDates is the original dating website for those looking for sugar daddies and sugar babies. You will love this dating platform as it offers the best experience with the most convenient features for those who are seeking casual dates. You need to purchase a paid membership to chat with the hottest sugar babies and horniest sugar daddies. If you’re looking to create an account on a premium website, then Emily Dates could be the right one!

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