Sugar Daddy Websites: Start From 2023 Ranking

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sugar daddy websites

Sugar daddy sites are the place to meet a sugar baby and a sugar daddy. To find a platform with reliable partners, you have to pay attention to the ranking of the communities. Each of the best sugar daddy sites – is different. 

It is important to pay attention to the features, which are offered there, review the websites and understand possible results later. There are a lot of websites on the Internet. Among all those global communities, you have to sort out only the most common platforms, which will be great in usage. 

In review find the information about the next platforms. Each of the sites below has the best rates. Find a short description of the communities, and do not hesitate to use them. Sugar daddy relationships and sweet partners are waiting for you there. 

1️⃣Secret Benefits – 9.9 ⭐

2️⃣ – 9.8 ⭐

3️⃣Ashley Madison – 9.7 ⭐

4️⃣ – 9.5 ⭐

5️⃣WhatsYourPrice – 9.3 ⭐

6️⃣Emily Dates – 9.1 ⭐

7️⃣SugarDaddyMeet – 8.9 ⭐

8️⃣Rich Meet Beautiful – 8.7 ⭐

9️⃣OurSecret – 8.5 ⭐

🔟SugarDaddyForMe – 8.3 ⭐

1️⃣1️⃣ – 8.1⭐

1️⃣2️⃣Established Men – 8.0 ⭐

1️⃣3️⃣Hot Or Not – 7.8 ⭐

1️⃣4️⃣MillionaireLove – 7.6 ⭐

1️⃣5️⃣ – 7.5⭐

Top 15 Best Sugar Daddies Websites 

Which of the sugar daddy dating sites above is the best? Long-term relationships, daddies, and babies you may meet in the described communities. Read the short, interesting reviews to know more and find what you just wanted. Find the detailed review on the official pages.

Secret Benefits – 9.9 ⭐

SecretBenefits main page

Secret Benefits sugar daddy app was created especially for sweet datings. The community gathers people from all over the world in one place and with one goal. Free membership, high daily activity, and unlimited possibilities make the Secret Benefits app one of the most popular. Find babies from different corners of the world. The profiles of the members are different, but as a rule, they are well-developed. 

By sending messages and starting live chats, you may find long-term relationships a fast way. All the secrets and benefits are on one dating website. 

Secret Benefit sugar dating website advantages to know:

  • free registration
  • sugar baby app
  • great community of single-minded people
  • fast in usage

Try this best sugar daddy website today and find relationships tomorrow. 

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The title of the website is all about sugar-daddy relationships. However, this best sugar daddy website offers different kinds of interactions: friends with benefits, NSA, and other mutually beneficial relationships. The number of men and women on the website is equal. Most of the sugar daddies and babies are from the US. European members can be met there as well. 

The Sugar Daddy site provides users with profiles of high-quality and extended communicational tools. Some of the services like registration and searching are free. All sugar daddies are already on the world’s largest dating site. Join them and feel the next pros of being on the Sugar Daddy website:

  • Free registration on the platform
  • Almost attractive sugar babies
  • Available 24/7 customer support to reach

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Ashley Madison – 9.7 ⭐

AshleyMadison main page

Ashley Madison is one of the best online dating websites in general. Sugar daddy apps like Ashley Madison have first place in all types of relationships. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking for yeah potential sugar babies or serious commitment. Ashley Madison belongs to those dating websites which are special for their services and can offer something for each of the users. 

There is no doubt, this community is popular, pleasant, and appropriate for sugar dating relationships. Find below the advantages of this dating to persuade yourself of it:

  • Most sugar babies are on Ashley Madison
  • High safety measures and security
  • Profiles are well-designed
  • Ashley Madison is easy in navigate for the newcomers
  • The positive atmosphere and active members to love

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SeekingArrangement main page is the sugar site that connects and makes sugar dates for beautiful women and handsome daddies. As of now, the website has more than 10 million members from different countries of the world. Most of the users are women, and only about 32% are men. works on the loyalty of the users. Most singles want to find a sugar baby or actively spend their time. Everyone who joins the community has to register on it. has an advanced search on filters. Register on the sugar daddy site today and find excellent daddy relationships tomorrow. 

Pros of the sugar website:

  • Lower prices for loyalty
  • Fast-growing community
  • Video chats and instant messages
  • Perfect app

WhatsYourPrice – 9.3 ⭐

WhatsYourPrice main page is one of the sugar baby sites, where one-half of users are making bids and the other half are waiting for it. During the registration, you have to detail who you are going to be. To have a date, the sugar singles make a bid. 

The person, who has the highest bid will get the date. The registration is simple, and you may also always ask the support from the customer team who will answer all your questions and help with some difficulties. WhatsYourPrice let you know how many partners can pay for dating with you. belongs to the best sugar daddy websites because of:

  • Specific interesting system of dates
  • Sugar daddy verification, which makes profiles real
  • Around-the-clock support
  • Trusted searching features and filters

Emily Dates – 9.1 ⭐

EmilyDates main pages

Emily Dates belongs to the best sugar dating sites. 15 million worldwide users are staying in the community, while daddies and sugar babies like the options they have in use there. The rate of the website is high, as singles leave sugar feedback. 

Emily Dates sugar baby’s website offers no premium membership but only a credit system. For sugar relationships, it is a nice option. You do not have to spend money when you want to take a break. Female sugar babies can communicate with daddies via email, chat, and video calls. Emily Dates’ sugar daddy website has the next features:

  • Smart ambitious women
  • Free registration
  • Only beautiful women for sugar dating 
  • No mutually beneficial relationship like NSA or FWB

Sugar Daddy Meet – 8.9 ⭐

SugarDaddyMeet main page

Sugar Daddy Meet is a premium dating site for newcomers and experienced daddies. This dating website has more than 1.8 million sugar mommas. The percentage of men is only about 30%. 

Why is this sugar daddy site special? The number one reason is the limited chances to become a part of the sugar dating site. Only babies from the 20 most developed countries can become a part of the community and join the Sugar Daddy Meet dating site.

Suspicious profiles do not have a place on the sugar daddies website. The support team deletes all unverified accounts. Sugar Daddy Meet online dating site pros:

  • Free of payments registration
  • Real and verified profiles to find a sugar daddy
  • Easy in navigation

Rich Meet Beautiful – 8.7 ⭐

RichMeetBeautiful main page

Rich Meet Beautiful sugar daddy website is a growing community for sweet dates. The site has a more significant number of babies and minor sugar daddies. The membership is paid.

However, some of the features on the Rich Meet Beautiful sugar daddy site are free. Registration, searching filters, and even reviewing of the profiles are free on this sugar daddy website. Rich men are already on the site waiting for online dating with hot young ladies. Communication features allow sharing of sexual experiences and show examples. As one of the best sugar daddy websites, Rich Meet Beautiful has the next features:

  • Only young babies
  • More women than men
  • Free features till the communication
  • Exclusive services for loyal users

OurSecret – 8.5 ⭐

OurSecret main page

Launched in 2004, is one of the best sugar daddy websites. is well-known for its creativity and perfect services for users. Quality is the reason for joining this sugar daddy app. 

The profiles of the members are so nice that you will fall in love with all of them. The profiles are in great detail, so it is possible to know more about the person from his profiles rather than online communication. Open the sugar dating site to find out more features:

  • Open and honest communication
  • Understanding of the discussions
  • Fast joining and thousands of new active profiles every day
  • Easy communication with a sugar baby

SugarDaddyForMe – 8.3 ⭐

SugarDaddyForMe main page

SugarDaddyForMe is also among the best sugar dating sites. It offers the same time of sugar dating relationships as the previous platforms. However, there is one peculiarity.

Apart from free registration, you will get a 3-day free trial. During those 3 days, you may try to build a sugar relationship with communication, searching, and other features. All of the websites will be available to you. 

SugarDaddyForMe dating site belongs to those obeying places, which will take the person from the early start to the experienced date. Even when the number of sugar daddies is smaller, sugar babies are perfect and sexy. 

  • Free registration
  • 3 days free trial
  • The extremely high number of visitors 
  • App is available – 8.1 ⭐

SugarDaddie main page is a fast-growing sugar dating site with a bigger number of daddies rather than babies. Community is more popular in American states, but the members are from all over the world. When the services are excellent, it does not matter how away you are from the sugar baby. has the perfect design of the website, free registration, and many other excellent offers. Turn your dream into a reality with this easy-to-use best sugar daddy site. Among the advantages the most significant are

  • Interesting design
  • Easy navigation
  • Fast-growing community
  • Active members
  • More daddies than babies there

Established Men – 8.0 ⭐

Established Men main page

Established Men dating site is the other platform to find a sugar daddy. The community, where the bigger part is women are making so. The Established Men website belongs to the best sugar dating sites, where scam has no place on the website. 

The community is safe and secure. All the new members undergo the verification. When you communicate with the sugar baby there, be sure she is real and not a scam or fake profile. 

Sign up in 5 minutes and stay closer to online dating with the same singles as you are. 

  • Free sign-up
  • Different types of relationships
  • Safe community
  • No scams and only real profiles 

Hot Or Not – 7.8 ⭐

HotOrNot main page

Hot Or Not dating site is one of the rare communities, where the number of men is bigger. The site is specialized in different types of relationships, including sugar daddy relationships, NSA, FWB, and others. 

The overall number of singles is 300 million with active daily use. Members can like photos of other users and vice versa. It is one of the most specific features of the Hot Or Not a sugar dating site. Hot Or Not has an app to stay online all the time. 

  • Great customer support
  • Different types of relationships
  • Registration in 2 steps
  • More men than women

MillionaireLove – 7.6 ⭐

MillionaireLove page has now more than several million members. Since 2004 the community has grown greatly and become even more popular on the international level. is one of the sugar sites, which are available in each corner of the world. 

The platform offers free and paid features, among which are free registration, adding to favorite lists, and searching options. When it comes to messages, you have to purchase credits. belongs to the best sugar dating sites, as the services there allow you to find rich sugar daddies plausibly. – 7.5⭐

BeNaughty hookup main page belongs to the sugar sites with diverse specializations. In comparison to the previous dating websites, this one is open-minded about sugar relationships. The profiles have naughty photos of the daddies and sugar babies. 

Real Sugar Daddy Profiles

Justin 57 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Restaurant owner
Kids No
Harris 48 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Fitness Trainer
Kids No
Joshua 61 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Sailor
Kids No

A BeNaughty dating site offers a premium membership, new advanced communicational features like video rooms, and many other specific traits. Join this magnificent place as the best sugar daddy site to meet love. Use an app for better communication and stay online all the time. takes care of all users there and offers the next features:

  • Perfect fun dating
  • Great community
  • Excellent searching filters
  • Advanced communication
  • Married sugar daddies are possible

How To Choose Sugar Dating Sites?

To find the best sugar daddy sites, you have to be aware of the possible pitfalls there. How to recognize the best sugar daddy sites at the first sight? Follow the steps below:

  • Availability of the dating site. Can you find the platform online? Are there any apps? In case the answer is “yes”, you can use this dating site. 
  • Interface. Can you understand what to do there? When you open the dating site and see all the options at first glance, turn to it. The atmosphere depends on usability. More daddies and sugar babies are on the websites, which is better in usage. 
  • Registration. Sugar daddy dating is more reliable with free registration. Would you pay money when you do not know what is there?
  • Customer support. Check whether the support team is available all the time. Some questions may appear each time you want to contact the person. In this way, sugar babies use websites with reliable available customer support.
  • Safety. Not all sugar daddies and sugar babies want to be public. Thus, privacy is on the first side. When the registration demands verification are other positive features, as there hardly will be fake profiles among sugar daddies and sugar babies. 
  • Communication. Sugar relationships are what need ongoing contact. Sugar dating is better when you have an app and website to communicate. More ways to speak (chat, video, audio, and other ways), more chances to develop sugar relationships in a great way. 
  • Searching filters. A bigger community is better. How to find a partner when there are more than 300 million? The search filter is what you have to use. More filters, better results. When one search narrows you down to a certain number of sugar babies and sugar daddies it is better than seeking among the millions of users on your own. 

How Does Sugar Daddy Dating Site Work?

Most of the sugar dating sites are working in the same way. 

  1. Create the account. 
  2. Update your profile and upload a photo.
  3. Start communication.
  4. Visit dates and start relationships.

The algorithm above is universal. However, the sugar daddy sites have different specific features at each stage. The amount and the quality of the special features designate the place of the sugar baby site in the dating field. 

The main purpose of the sugar daddy sites is to show you the needful partner in a short time. Sugar relationships are special, so the best sugar dating site takes into account all the specific features of the interactions.

Real Sugar Baby Profiles

Lucia 23 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Waitress
Kids No
Ashley 21 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Receptionist
Kids No
Chloe 27 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Barista
Kids 1

Safety and security are the top features as well. Each sugar baby needs to stay safe and private. With that in mind, the platform verifies the accounts and protects your personal information. Even the fact that you are using the site is the secret. 

The peculiarities of sugar dating are important. Sugar dating websites have to make a community of sugar babies and sugar daddies of different ages. It is important to exclude lesbian relationships and gay users there. 

Customer support will allow you to answer all difficult or discursive questions that are unrelated to the relationships. Customer support is not the psychologist, but it allows you to solve different technical questions. 

It was the ideal picture of the basic features, which should be on sugar dating sites to reach the desirable results. Review whether the algorithm is present on the mainstream dating site and use it. 

Guide To Get Sugar Baby Or Sugar Daddy Using Sugar Dating Websites 

Real Sugar Daddies & Babies Stories

Success Story #1 Image
Amy Ashley Madison logo

Amy had been single for a long time and was feeling lonely. She had heard about something called "sugar dating" from her friends, which sounded like it could be just the thing she needed to make her life more exciting. After doing some research online, Amy decided that this was the way to go and she started looking for potential sugar daddies who could give her what she wanted out of a relationship. She soon found someone who seemed perfect: an older man with lots of money and a generous nature. They went on their first date at an expensive restaurant where he bought her dinner and showered her with compliments all evening. He made sure that she felt appreciated throughout the night, telling her how much he admired her beauty and intelligence as well as giving gifts such as jewelry or designer clothes when they were together. After several months of going on dates, Amy realized that this wasn't really what she wanted out of a relationship after all; while the financial benefits were nice, there was no real emotional connection between them despite his best efforts to woo her with fancy dinners or lavish gifts. Despite feeling disappointed by not finding true love through sugar dating, Amy still felt grateful for having experienced something new in life which gave her confidence in herself again after being single for so long.

Success Story #2 Image
Mark & Alice BeNaughty logo

Alice had always wanted to travel the world and experience life, but her modest salary as a receptionist didn't make it possible. Desperate for a way out, she decided to sign up for an online sugar daddy website in search of someone who could help fund her adventures. After numerous conversations with potential suitors, Alice finally found someone who seemed like he could be a good match: Mark was an older man from Texas who made his fortune in oil and now enjoyed spoiling younger women with luxury trips around the world. After exchanging emails and talking on the phone several times, they arranged to meet at a five-star restaurant in Manhattan. Alice arrived dressed to impress and immediately noticed that Mark looked nothing like his profile picture – he was much older than she had expected! Nevertheless, they hit it off right away over dinner and drinks. By the end of their date, Alice felt sure that this would turn into something special; not only did they have great chemistry but also shared many similar interests. As promised, Mark soon whisked Alice away on luxurious vacations all over Europe and Latin America - staying in some of the most expensive hotels money can buy along the way. Together they explored ancient ruins, dined at Michelin star restaurants, watched operas from VIP boxes...the list went on! Every day brought new surprises as Mark showered Alice with gifts ranging from designer handbags to original artworks by renowned artists.

Success Story #3 Image
John Quickflirt logo

John was a successful businessman in his late 40s who had worked hard to build up his empire. He'd achieved a level of wealth that allowed him to indulge in some of life's finer things, but he still hadn't found the perfect companion. That is until he stumbled across an online sugar daddy profile and decided it might be worth pursuing. At first glance, John seemed like an ideal candidate for the role – handsome, confident, with enough money to support a lavish lifestyle. But as time passed and he explored what being a sugar daddy truly meant, John began to understand why this type of relationship could work so well for both parties involved. For starters, there was no need for either person to feel obligated or pressured into anything they weren’t comfortable with. Instead, each individual could negotiate terms that best suited them both financially and emotionally without having any strings attached; essentially allowing them both freedom from commitment while simultaneously benefitting from one another’s company on their own terms. So after much consideration and thoughtfulness about what kind of arrangement would suit him best – one that didn’t involve any long-term commitments or expectations – John finally decided it was time for him to become the perfect sugar daddy: someone who provided financial security while also remaining open minded about whatever adventure came next…

How to arrange dating on sugar dating sites? The detailed guide is below:

First Step Phase

  • Sugar mommas and sugar daddies create the account on sugar dating sites.
  • Write interesting and catchy descriptions in the bio and nice photos in the profile.
  • Potential sugar babies are making the same on the website.

Second Step Phase

  • Both sugar daddies and sugar daddies are using the search filters.
  • When they mutually liked, they started negotiating an agreement.

Third Step Phase

  • First date and decide on the future relationships (be or not to be)
  • Further communication with the partner and developing of the relationships
  • Using different communication options 
  • Both can end the relationship when it is needful


To sum up, it is easy to find a sugar baby today. Thanks to the developers, sugar babies may find daddies on special dating websites. The last one allows you to start the relationships and end them. 

A sugar relationship is a popular way for rich older men and young women to find each other and communicate about possible future interactions. A dating site created a special atmosphere and community of single-minded dating sites to find a sugar baby. Singles tend to use only the best options and places. There can be a lot of worries and hesitations, which you may lose when opting for the potential sugar babies. 

Pay attention not only to the best places but the other sugar baby websites. No one will help you without your inner desire and intentions. Use the information in the rate of the websites and choose the best sugar daddy app in your case. Have good luck, and stay happy with your lovely partner.


How do sugar daddy websites work?

Most sugar daddy websites work in a similar way. After signing up and creating a profile, users are able to search for other users who match their desired criteria. Once they've found someone they're interested in, they can send them a message or start a chat. Some sugar daddy websites also offer premium features like advanced search capabilities and the ability to see who has viewed your profile. Typically, the site will take a commission from the transactions that take place between its members.

Are sugar dating sites expensive?

It really depends on the site. Some sugar dating sites are free to join while others have a membership fee. Typically, the more exclusive and high-end sugar dating sites are more expensive.

Are there free sugar daddy websites?

Sure, there are free sugar daddy websites. But you must be aware that these websites may not be as reputable as paid sugar daddy websites. It's important to do some research before signing up for any website.

What’s not true about sugar dating?

Sugar dating is not a sexual relationship. Sugar dating is a relationship where one person provides financial assistance to the other in exchange for companionship and sometimes domestic help. It's often confused with prostitution, but there is a clear distinction between the two: in sugar dating, the financial assistance is not tied to sex, while in prostitution, it is. Many people believe that sugar dating is nothing more than an escort service, but this isn't true. In fact, many sugar babies choose to keep their relationships completely platonic. They simply enjoy the company of someone who can provide them with financial stability and emotional support.