Younger Women Seeking Older Men Sites

Are you thinking about why younger women are now often looking for older man dating sites? Or are you a young woman looking for age gap relationships, serious relationships, or mature relationships? 

Younger Women Seeking Older Men sites

Our experts have created a review just for you about younger women seeking older men sites, about how to attract the best younger woman, or how to attract an older Man your age. You can find out all this and more by continuing to read this review!

Elite Singles

Elite Singles

Elite Singles is the best age gap younger woman dating site, where each of the young girls can find man younger woman relationship. This dating website also has advanced search features with which you can start a woman older man dating relationships easier. There are a lot of young women looking for older men on this dating site, which has high-quality services for its users and a wide client base from all over the world.

Compared to other dating sites, this dating site has a mobile application for both Android and iPhone. You can use these applications to search for a young girl, sugar daddy, sugar child, older partners, and other relationships.



Seeking is one of the TOP age gap older man dating sites. Everyone on this dating website can find younger woman relationship in which the atmosphere will be comfortable and lovely. And only you can choose what kind of relationships you will have: age gap relationships, serious relationships, or mature relationships. Also, the platform has a mobile dating app for Android and iPhone

A month’s Premium paid membership is £69.95. Thanks to the subscription, young girls can find older man younger woman relationships, and younger men can also find serious relationship with older women on this online dating site.



AgeMatch is 3 in the TOP younger women seeking older men dating sites, because of its great reputation and huge base audience. Compared to other dating sites, this dating site aims to connect the hearts of people from different age groups. 

The developers of this dating site have also developed an application for both Android and iPhone. The apps are easy to install and start using to find young girl, older men, older women, or young guys.

Elite Meets Beauty

Elite Meets Beauty

Elite Meets Beauty is a high-quality platform with a modern design and an active audience. More than 15,000 people from all over the world come to the platform every month. It also has an application for Android and iPhone phones. 

The apps are user-friendly and high-quality, just like the site. The platform is designed specifically for finding serious relationships between educated people from all over the world and is one of the best younger women seeking older men sites.

Millionaire Match

Millionaire Match

Millionare Match is a unique platform for connecting people from all over the world, with more than 5 million users who are looking for different types of relationships. Basically, the audience here is looking for long-term relationships that would end in building a family. 

Also, these are 5 of the younger women seeking older men TOP sites. The platform provides only quality services, has a good reputation in the online environment, and has applications for iPhone and Android phones.

Sugar Daddy For Me

Sugar Daddy For Me

Sugar Daddy For Me is a site with a slightly outdated design, but at the same time with a good and active audience and quality services. It has an audience of 4 million from all over the world, so you will have a very wide selection of people on the site. 

The main audience is people looking for sugar relationships, that is, sugar daddies, sugar children, and sugar mothers. And if you are not into or looking for that type of relationship, then this platform is not for you. At the time of creating the review, the developers do not provide mobile applications that could be downloaded. But you can use the platform on phones, as it has an optimized version for smartphones.

What’s Your Price

Whats Your Price

What’s your price is also one of the TOP of younger women seeking older men sites with a great reputation on the online dating market. It has an audience of millions who are active and looking for different types of relationships. 

The main audience of the platform is to connect sugar daddies, sugar moms, and sugar children. That is, if you are not looking for relationship sugar, this platform is most likely not suitable for you. The platform does not yet have mobile applications, but you can still use the platform on mobile devices, as it is optimized for phones.


Luxy main page

Luxy is a quality platform that has about 480,000 people online monthly. Also, the platform is open to LGBT people, so if you are an LGBT person, you can use this platform for your needs. You can also find different types of relationships here, but most people on this site are looking for people older than themselves. 

The developers of the application have created a mobile application for users of both Android and iPhone for more convenient use of the platform by customers. Both apps are of the same quality as the platform itself.

Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet

Sugar Daddy Meet has been around for a long time, since 2007, which means a lot of experience in the dating market. Also, the platform has a high-quality and modern design, which is also easy to use. This site also has a wide audience that is active and from all over the world. It specializes specifically in sugar relationships, although you can ask your luck and look for non-sugar relationships, you are unlikely to find one here. 

Unfortunately, the developers made only an application for iPhones at the time of creating the review, perhaps this was done for the reason of distinguishing a richer audience. The application is of high quality, and you can safely use either it or the site itself.



BeNaughty is an age gap dating site with very qualified services on the online dating scene. You as a young woman can find long term relationship on this platform with older man easily. 

BeNaughty dating site also has a mobile app, which you can use on your Android or iPhone, and find a younger partner (for example stunning young women) for clear relationships. This is an ideal option for younger women seeking older men, and vice versa for older women or men who are looking for a younger partner.

Established Men

Established Men

Established Men is a great dating site compared to others younger women seeking older men sites and takes the honorable 11th place in the top dating sites in this review. This dating site takes this place because of the slightly outdated design of the platform, but in fact, it also has quality services and an active audience base. 

Also, the developers of this dating site were not lazy and developed special mobile applications, you can download the application for Android, and just APK (unfortunately, there is no official application in the Apple store).



SugarBabies is in the 12th place in this list of TOP younger women seeking older men sites. On the site itself, you can register in the platform system and use the platform. 

Unfortunately, at the time of writing the review, applications from developers for both Android and iPhone are still being developed, and it is not known when they will be ready. The site is popular, has an active and wide audience from all over the world, and provides quality services to clients.

How To Attract A Younger Woman?

To attract the attention of a younger woman and get men dating younger women relationship, you need to be as polite as possible with a woman, do romantic things, take care of her, do nice things, help around the house, and prepare food or surprises for her. 

You should also not hit her for anything, try not to raise your voice, and not shout as hard as you can, even if you are very angry. During men dating younger women, as during any other relationship, you should try to be the best version of yourself and love and respect your partner 100 percent. Below, our experts have written some tips on how to please a young woman.


Any girl is very careful about her appearance, therefore, of course, she pays attention to how a young man is dressed, and how he knows how to hold himself in society. If you want to understand how to make the girl of your dreams fall in love, pay attention to your appearance. Maybe it’s time to get serious about them. 

It is not good to walk unkempt and in a neglected state. Avoid smelling bad: the smell of sweat can spoil the best impression on a guy. Take a shower regularly, and keep your oral cavity in perfect order. It will not be superfluous to start doing sports: pumped-up muscles look very sexy.

Restaurants And Cafés

Almost every girl is delighted by the prospect of going out somewhere, among people, and spending an evening together with the man she likes. Restaurants and cafés are a place where you should take your chosen one if you want to impress her. It is there that a pleasant atmosphere of coziness and joy is created. 

Of course, all this can be created at home. However, it looks much more impressive in the restaurant. Just imagine how surprised a girl will be when you offer her a romantic evening for two. Such moments are not forgotten even after a long time.

younger woman relationship

How To Attract An Older Man?

The first thing you as a younger girl need to know is that in order to attract older men to see and get an older man younger woman relationship, you need to be honest when dating older men. Older men are most often looking for long term commitment (sugar daddy and sugar baby relationships) and serious long term relationship on various online dating sites. 

In order to reduce the difference in the age gap between younger girls and older men, it is necessary to discuss as many details as possible in this relationship at the beginning of the older man younger woman relationship (for example, the number of meetings per week, the presence or absence of sex in the relationship, and so on). 

When older women meet younger men, the situation is the same, older women will have to pay attention to younger men, and they will also have to take care of older women with whom they have a relationship. 

Actually, the basis of older man younger woman relationships is mutual respect and honesty toward one’s partners. Below, our experts have written some tips on how to attract men’s attention to you.

Open Communication

Your communication style is perhaps the main weapon that will tell you how to win over a man. After all, in order to fall in love, you need to know what kind of man is in front of you and what kind of woman he likes – sweet and calm, or hot with pepper. Therefore, the first piece of advice is to communicate more: ask and listen carefully. 

Of course, in order to fall in love with someone you like, correct behavior is also important. It is unlikely that a man will fall in love with a grumpy woman who constantly interrupts, shouts, and shows her affection in every way. 

On the contrary, your chosen one may be afraid of such a style. Therefore, be polite, kind, and most importantly – smile a lot, this will disarm even a strict man. In order for the object of attention to fall in love, your manner of communication should be easy and pleasant, you should be interesting together. 

What’s more, your husband will fall in love with you when you make the right impression. So the main advice on how to fall in love with an older man is to be interesting, sweet, and pleasant in communication.

older man dating sites

Show Initiative

That’s right – attract attention, joke, and ask about something first. But don’t overdo it: you need to think about how the man you’re trying to fall in love with will appreciate certain steps. For example, your chosen one got into a joint company with you – don’t be afraid to look bright. 

At the same time, rudeness to a waiter in a café will not increase the chances that someone will fall in love. Therefore, the following advice is as follows: do not be afraid to be active, but do not forget to look tactful!

Don’t Reveal All The Cards

This advice should help you fall in love with a man by clearly maintaining a balance between initiative and mystery. It is very important that a man should not immediately understand that he has fallen in love. 

After all, then he will become uninterested solely because of his male nature. Men are hunters by nature, they love when they have to hunt for “prey”. Therefore, when showing initiative towards your chosen one, do not forget to balance. 

Thanks to women’s tricks, it is necessary to find out information, but also not to give out plans. Remember: having realized too quickly that you have fallen in love with him, a man with a high probability will lose interest. Then it will be much more difficult to fall in love with someone you like.

Your Appearance

It is not for nothing that they say that men love with their eyes – this should be known and remembered by every woman who wants to fall in love with a representative of the stronger sex. It is unlikely that a man will fall in love with a lady who looks sloppy, wears clothes that do not fit, and does not understand how to put things together. 

On the contrary, in order for your chosen one to pay attention to, you should look seductive and stylish. Only then will he feel that he is falling in love. It is necessary to understand that it is not only about clothes, but appearance in general. Therefore, the advice is to stand in front of the mirror and look carefully. 

If your appearance is a toned figure, a well-groomed face, and hair, and a slender posture, congratulations! All that remains is to choose the right clothes and perfume that will emphasize beauty. 

However, when even if you don’t like your image, will you be able to fall in love with the man of your dreams? Won’t the guy feel insecure? Work on yourself: a man must admire himself in order to fall in love. After all, everyone is pleased to know and proud that he got such a beauty.

man younger woman relationship

You As A Younger Partner Should Be Interested In His Life

You have chosen one and should feel that you are interested in knowing how he is doing. Ask about interests – for example, it turned out that he likes car racing. You need to understand this area: next time, when it comes to the next rally, you will easily support the conversation and be able to ask more questions. 

Your husband will undoubtedly appreciate it, and it will definitely be easier to fall in love with him. Another tip is to approve dreams of the ambitions of a member of the stronger sex whom you want to fall in love with. This, too, is one of the options for catching a man alive, because these are quite personal and secret moments. 

For example, in a conversation, a man will reveal his dream or tell about his career plans, so you must definitely take this information into account. Believe in his dream, and falling in love with the object of sympathy will become easier. Even when it seems impossible, your advice and support will give the object sympathy and faith in their own strength.

Pleasant Tactile Contact

To draw a man’s attention to yourself, you can use a woman’s trick: as if accidentally touching him. It is necessary to catch it easily with the hand, then adjust the cuff on the shirt, then take the hand when crossing the road. 

The fact is that in this way you have chosen one, whom you are trying to fall in love with, who will definitely notice it. And there is also a purely physiological factor – perhaps, just after such innocent touches, the guy will feel a certain current between you. 

The main advice here is to be careful and not overdo it. So, if you choose one, for example, who does not like to be touched, you will not be able to fall in love this way. It is necessary to clearly understand the limit.

Why Do Younger Women Date Older Men?

If we talk about everything that younger women like in age gap relationship with older men, we can talk for hours. But there are some points that distinguish younger men from older men with age, it can be compared to an old rich wine and a young one that is not yet very tasty. Below, our experts have listed for you the reasons why younger women date older men.

Older Guys Can Take Care Of Themselves

An older gentleman can take care not only of himself, but also of his years younger woman, with whom he will have a well guided dating journey, or casual dating (it depends on the type of relationship years younger woman older man). 

Can you imagine why this is attractive to a woman in her 20s and 30s who wants to start her own family? She has a choice: meet a younger man who does not know how to fix things in the house and is not financially independent of parents or relatives, or meets an experienced older guy who knows how to solve her problems without the help of his parents. Agree that this well explains the popularity of the years younger woman older man relationship!

dating older men

Maturity Of Older Men

The older gentleman, who have long passed their 20s, don’t disappear so often in clubs, and bar scene with booze and don’t take so many risks. Younger women would rather have a meaningful relationship with an older man, due to the older man’s balanced actions and real life. Older men offer a level of maturity that younger men simply cannot match.

Older Guy Care More About Romance

Young guys believe that you can’t be manly and romantic at the same time. Unfortunately, this often results in them misbehaving with their girlfriend and pushing them away. As a middle-aged man, like most older men, I know this from personal experience. 

Older men on the online dating scene with a younger girlfriend, thanks to their own age, love and understand the meaning of romance in a relationship. It is this fact that makes older men incredibly attractive to young women. No woman wants a man who spends most of his time without her, play games, and make her feel unloved.

Pros And Cons Of Younger Women Dating Older Men?

Maybe you don’t understand the fact that younger women date older men and vice versa. And that this kind of man younger woman relationship is quite popular now. Our experts have listed below for you the pros and cons of online dating relationships between younger women and older men.


  1. Most older men have above average education
  2. The success rate of single women seeking older men relationship is more than 78%
  3. Obvious perks in gaining life experience and a meaningful connection with an older man in an age gap relationship
  4. Older men have more sophistication
  5. Dating goals for younger women can be in obtaining meaningful connections, and for older men in obtaining undeniable allure or more sophistication from the contemplation of young female beauty


  1. A younger woman and an older man may have conflicts regarding their worldview
  2. A younger woman can be more capricious than older women
  3. Society can sometimes react negatively to a younger woman’s relationship with an older man
  4. Some young girl is more like casual dating than a serious relationship
  5. Physical characteristics significantly older partner may be weaker, and sex may be older man less frequent
women seeking older men

Statistics About Successful Younger Women, Older Men Relationships?

It is possible that you are no longer 20 or even 25 years old, as it was before, and that is normal. At the same time, your age does not mean that you will no longer be interested in young women and women in general! Statistics show that as many as 58% of women say that they would rather date an older man.

Also, 42% of these women would like their husbands to be 5–15 years older than them! That is, you have a fairly high chance of not having younger woman relationship issues, but on the contrary of having serious relationships and success stories with a younger woman. 

The data analyzed by our experts on younger women’s relationships with older men shows that 70 percent of such relationships ended happily in marriage and cohabitation. Male counterparts in statistics showed that older men are more popular and naturally attracted to young women than older women with younger men. So, the success rate of single women seeking older men relationship is more than 78%.

Are Age Gap Relationships Healthy?

Our experts, after analyzing hundreds of platforms for men dating younger women and for sugar baby looking for a solid foundation in potential matches, can say that Age Gap Relationships make great sense in real life and are even useful. 

Usually, this type of long lasting relationship or short-term relationship must have clear agreements, and the consent of mature singles for a short or long term commitment to each other. 

Also, as an example, sugar baby receive financial assistance, and have a lower level of stress in life, because thanks to their sugar daddies, they begin to live the way they want without worrying about survival. 

In dating older men relationships, younger partners also get more advantages than their older partners, but older partners in such a relationship also get younger ladies or younger guys and their time in life, which is also valuable. So, during a man younger woman relationship, what younger ladies, and what older men benefit from this mature relationship. To begin dating, you can start on one of the platforms described by our experts in this article.


Men dating younger women have the same place in the dating world as woman older man dating. Younger women start dating older men because of the desire to find a solid foundation, long term commitment in a relationship, or even just find a sugar daddy.

In most cases, everyone is looking for a serious site or dating app, on such applications everyone can search online and buy paid membership or credits (depending on the platform) to start communicating and finding partners. Please only use verified sites for dating older men relationships, as unverified sites may be scams.

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