Ashley Madison Review – Trustworthy Sugar Dating Guide 2023

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“A long time ago, in those distant times, there were special creatures on earth who connected people with threads of friendship and love …”. 

So we can start today’s observation about the other side of life beyond the monitor, thanks to the Ashley Madison dating site. In this Ashley Madison Review, we will cover all the benefits of the modern sugar dating approach.

Once you have signed up on a dating site like Ashley Madison, you should consider the following:

  • stay tuned for notifications from the dating website about auto-renewal dates or any changes in service or price: check your email (including spam/junk mail folders);
  • what are your cancellation rights? Do you need to cancel your subscription so it doesn’t automatically renew for the next period? If you want to leave the service, then check how much notice you have to give;
  • remember that you have the right to cancel your subscription and receive a refund within 14 days of subscribing to the service.

If you subscribe to the Ashley Madison dating service with a fixed contract, then you have the same right every time it is renewed for the next fixed term. You should receive a full refund which will be reduced if you requested services during the cooling-off period.

AshleyMadison main page

Ashley Madison Overview

👥 Number of Ashley Madison usersUp to 24M
🫶 Sugar Daddy-to-Sugar Baby Ratio70%♂ = 30%♀
⌚ Time to Sign Upup to 10 minutes
💳 Payment SystemCredit Card, PayPal
😉 For people seekingSugar Daddies/Babies, Sugar Mommas
☝️ MottoBe brave to choose casual affairs!

Ashley Madison Sign Up Process

Ashley Madison offers a fairly quick and easy registration process that is understandable to every newcomer. Such a process does not require personal information but only a basic one that is quite understandable (given its principle of searching for extramarital relationships). However, it does force newcomer Ashley Madison to provide current relationship status and general information according to some external characteristics including height, ethnicity, limitations, habits, etc.

The relevant information you provide when registering on the Ashley Madison dating site is displayed on your profile page. What’s more, registration is completely free. It will usually take you no more than five minutes to complete it and receive a link to activate your Ashley Madison profile. 

Choosing which pictures to display is a part of the process. Once you have selected a photo, it will allow you to make some changes to it. You can blur the image or add masks to hide parts of the face that you don’t like. It’s kind of a sneaky way to keep people anonymous and safe on Ashley Madison.

Ashley Madison page

How to Verify an Account on Ashley Madison?

To fully verify your account, upload your real photo where your face is clearly visible. This allows moderators to fully verify the profile of new Ashley madison members.

How Does Ashley Madison Work?

AshleyMadison works on a partner search scheme according to well-defined parameters. You won’t have to search for a suitable sex partner for a long time because you can filter your favorites. This online dating site offers two types of search: standard and extended (advanced).

The standard search is quite simple to understand. Thus, you only need to select the gender and age of the partner and indicate the preferred city of the potential chosen one.

Ashley Madison’s advanced search allows users to enter more information than the standard basic search including desired body shape, even eye color, and tattoos, for example.

Real Ashley Madison Sugar Daddy Profiles

Christian 61 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Professor
Kids No
Bill 59 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Business owner
Kids No
Michael 57 y.o.
Location UK
Occupation Writer
Kids No

The third option for searching on Ashley Madison is that you do not search for anything yourself and instead, they send you users specially selected for your parameters.

However, all types of searches on Ashley Madison’s top dating website have both their advantages and some pitfalls. For example, many do not like the restriction on the place of residence or age limits. But if you are a paid member, you can order such a service. Ashley Madison belongs to the site that prohibits people from sending messages and participating in searches without an avatar. To connect with other members, choose instant chats and emails.

Ashley Madison dating website

Ashley Madison Pros & Cons

Ashley Madison is easy to find both pros and cons. It is not surprising since every dating portal has its bright and dark sides. People who choose paid content get much more opportunities. For example, using the advanced search, you are looking for a foreign girl or a partner for the most ideal dates, especially if you are a single male user.

On the plus side, the messaging features are free for female members if they are seeking relationships with worthy men, while aspiring male users need to upgrade to be able to chat with other members.

Using the advanced search filter, you can customize the user results you see in the Discover tab. It will let you set up the location and other details. You can include private photos to see users who have them. If you want to connect with more users, then you can boost your profile to stand out from the crowd. Your Ashley Madison Priority profile will be highlighted in search results within 30 days. However, some services may seem pricy to you.


  • A huge number of pleasant and sociable users;
  • Possibility to chat with basic members for free;
  • You can buy credits for unlimited flirting possibilities;
  • Convenient and simple interface;
  • The site design does not require updating;
  • Ashley Madison application is available.


  • Possible paid content;
  • Prices may be inflated;
  • The likelihood of a scam is still obvious.

Ashley Madison Cost

Single attractive women looking for foreign men can use all the features of the website for free. Others need to purchase credits to be able to use the website and initiate full communication with other members of the dating platform. Ashley Madison’s premium features are not based on a typical monthly subscription but on purchased credits that you have to buy for the package. Ashley Madison offers three types of packages:

  • Elite = 1000 credits;
  • Classic = 500 credits;
  • Basic = 100 credits.
ashleymadison discretion matters

Free Features

  • Create an account on the platform;
  • Like and view profiles of other pretty members;
  • Create a list of selected candidates;
  • Basic search filters;
  • Send winks and other flirting features;
  • Hidden photo function;
  • Open and collect emails;
  • Send personalized messages;
  • Initiate chats.

Cost of Services

CreditsCosts Total
1000.49 USD49.00 USD
5000.30 USD149 USD
1,0000.25 USD249 USD

Ashley Madison Audience

With its unique target audience, it won’t surprise you that the platform counts now about a million people around the world! Most of AshleyMadison’s traffic comes from large developed countries such as the US, UK, Canada and Brazil:

Real Ashley Madison Sugar Baby Profiles

Nicole 26 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Teacher
Kids No
Rebecca 22 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Pharmacyst
Kids No
Anastasia 19 y.o.
Location USA
Occupation Student
Kids No

Ashley Madison is quite famous for being a “romance site” where people can find any form of arrangement, even if they are married or committed to someone. Thus, if you look at the profiles, most of them are married people who are striving to find “low-key” relationships.

Ashley Madison Users Age Distribution

Recent Ashley Madison age distribution data shows that online dating sites are popular among many different demographics. The most active members of the site, who range in age from 18 to 34, make up a whopping 65% of its membership. This indicates that online dating is more than just a passing fad, and it proves to be an increasingly popular way for young people to meet potential partners. Furthermore, the data also shows that men outnumber women on Ashley Madison by almost three to one. Overall, this age distribution reveals that online dating can provide a unique alternative to traditional forms of finding companionship or love.

Scams & Fakes

As with other dating online websites, scammers may often create fake profiles to start the process of finding potential matches. Ashley Madison draws on some other demographics. For example, a lonely executive might find a stunning sexy girl who is actually a Latino immigrant living in Toronto. The total percentage of fake profiles on the site does not exceed 25%.

Ashley Madison married dating app

Ashley Madison Mobile App

The unique and practical Ashley Madison App is free to download from Google Play and App Store. The application is very similar to the desktop version, with all the useful features that you will find on the official version of the site. This is a simplified version that won’t take up much space on your stylish phone. The app also offers an easier way to like profiles with the swipe feature.

User Experience

Ashley Madison Reviews from Real Users

Success Story #1 Image
Katherine Ashley Madison logo

Katherine was a young, ambitious woman in her mid-twenties who had recently moved to the city for work. She had been working hard and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the big city but she was starting to feel lonely without any real close friends or relationships. She heard about Ashley Madison from one of her coworkers and decided it might be worth giving a shot as an experiment. On the site, she quickly found herself drawn to James – an older man in his early fifties who seemed intelligent, kind, successful and confident. After exchanging some emails they decided to meet up for dinner at a nice restaurant near Katherine's office building. Over dinner they laughed and talked while getting to know each other better; sharing stories about their lives, their interests and backgrounds. At the end of dinner Katherine thanked James for a wonderful evening before heading back home with butterflies in her stomach – feeling excited yet nervous about what this new relationship could bring!

Success Story #2 Image
John Ashley Madison logo

John had been single for far too long and was eager to find someone special. He had heard about the Ashley Madison website, a place where people could meet up to initiate relationships without any strings attached. It seemed like just what he needed. He created his profile, posted some pictures of himself, and decided it was time to take a look around. That's when he noticed her: Cassandra, an attractive woman with dark hair and an intriguing smile that made him want to know more about her. He sent her a message asking if she'd be interested in meeting up for dinner one night soon. She responded quickly with enthusiasm; they agreed on a date at an Italian restaurant downtown. When John saw Cassandra walk into the restaurant, his heart raced - she was even prettier than he had imagined! They hit it off right away, talking endlessly over dinner about their dreams and interests in life until finally closing the place down late into the night as they laughed together over coffee. That first date led to many more nights out together exploring new places and learning even more about each other's lives; eventually they both realized that something very special between them had developed beyond their initial sugar dating arrangement – love!

Success Story #3 Image
Emily Ashley Madison logo

The first time Emily saw the Ashley Madison website she was intrigued by the idea of sugar dating. She had always been a little bit adventurous, and this seemed like it could be an exciting way to meet new people. She created her profile with a few carefully chosen photos, and soon enough she began receiving messages from potential suitors. After some back-and-forth conversations, she decided to meet up with one particular person - let's call him Oliver- for dinner at an upscale restaurant in town. When they met face-to-face, Emily knew that there was chemistry between them right away. Over dinner they talked about their lives and ambitions, and before long they were flirting openly with each other. By the end of their meal it felt natural when Oliver asked if he could take her home afterwards; eager to find out what would happen next, Emily accepted his offer without hesitation. Back at his place things moved quickly as they both knew why they were there: for mutual pleasure and excitement on both sides – no strings attached! In spite of being strangers just hours earlier, Emily found herself feeling comfortable in Oilver’s embrace as if it wasn't their first time together… Afterwards as she drove home in the early morning light all she could think about was how much fun her night had been because of Ashley Madison!

Success Story #4 Image
Alex Ashley Madison logo

It was a Friday night, and Alex had just signed up on Ashley Madison. He had heard of the website before but he had never thought that he would actually end up using it. After filling out his profile and adding some pictures, he started browsing the other profiles in search of someone special. That's when he stumbled across Shelly's page. With her beautiful face and stunning figure, she immediately caught Alex’s attention. Before long, they were exchanging messages back and forth with each other as if they had known one another for years. Shelly told him about how she loved to travel around the world, going from place to place whenever she felt like it. In return, Alex shared stories about his own adventures abroad to exotic locations such as Machu Picchu or the Galapagos Islands. The two seemed to have an instant connection with each other; something which none of them could explain nor deny. Having talked for hours already over text messages and video calls, both Alex and Shelly decided that it was time for them to meet in person - no strings attached... It was love at first sight! For weeks now they have been enjoying their sugar dating relationship while also travelling together around different corners of the globe - thanks to Ashley Madison!

It’s such an impressive and practical app that you can rely on it to work. Despite the presence of some fake profiles that I came across, the site system carefully selects the necessary candidates. Ashley Madison app is a great chance to meet a horny or romantic partner for once!

Special Features

  • Favorites List. This is a useful feature that allows you to filter and save your favorite fans. This function allows you to make a list of your favorite profiles so as not to lose them. Each adult user can add up to 100 profiles to their list.
  • Discrete Profile Pictures. If you want to remain anonymous on the site, consider that this website gives every member the right to upload an inconspicuous photo. When you upload an anonymous image type, you will be given the option to blur the image or even add masks to help protect your identity. When you meet someone you like, you may give them access to clear versions of your photos.
  • Wink Flirt Function. When you wink you tell them that you are interested in the interlocutor. You can find this unique feature on the profile page of the user you are in love with. You’ll find a smiley face that says “Wink”.
  • Traveler Man. This is a special paid feature useful for those who are constantly on the way and want to meet new people at once. You can send a message to up to 30 girls who live in a particular area and get to know them better a few days before your arrival. And this is only for a few dollars!
  • Priority Man. A Man Priority feature gives you a boost in profile activity. This is a paid feature that makes your profile stand out from the members. Your profile may look different on other people’s search pages.

Credit System

Ashley Madison credits may vary. Some sugar babies require more credits than other selected features. Opening group messages, sending emails, and initiating emails cost 5 credits. Once you reply to users you have previously contacted, you will no longer have to use credits when you send emails.

Using the chat feature will also cost you 30 credits for 30 full minutes and 60 credits for a full 60 minutes. Virtual gifts are available from 20 to 50 credits if you want to send them to your favorite match. Based on the personal experience of real users, the prices for credit packages are quite reasonable.

Ashley Madison testimonials

Customer Service

Ashley Madison’s professional and responsive support service are always happy to help everyone. If you have any technical or personal questions, then you can send an email to get feedback. You may also check the FAQs section to find the point you need there. Customer service from Ashley Madison is good in its business and offers its work 24/7.

Scam Protection

Ashley Madison has implemented its bug bounty program to help find any problem areas before hackers can exploit them. People who help point out these vulnerabilities are being compensated by Ashley Madison. The following website uses a strict profile check of newcomers with the goal of verifying them.

Ashley Madison Video Review


“Ashley Madison creates a good atmosphere where you can enjoy not only virtual communication. You may also study some interesting moments. This is a platform that is in great demand for a reason. Ashley Madison is widely accepted by various people considering other options. So, if you’re seeking a secret romance, then Ashley Madison might be the right platform for you!”

Lean Morgan


Is Ashley Madison legit?

Yes, Ashley Madison is a legit dating internet site. It's one of the largest and most popular dating sites in the world. The site has over 40 million members and has been operational for over 15 years.

Is Ashley Madison safe?

Yes, it is safe. Ashley Madison maintains a high degree of security to protect its members' privacy and has never suffered a data breach. In addition, the company has been in business for over 15 years and has millions of satisfied customers.

How much is ashley madison premium?

Ashley Madison's paid membership is $19.99 per month. However, the site also offers a variety of subscription packages with different features and price points. For example, the "Diamond" package costs $49.99 per month and includes access to advanced search filters, the ability to send unlimited messages, and priority customer support.

Is Ashley Madison good sugar daddy site?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best sugar daddy site for someone will depend on that person's individual needs and preferences. However, Ashley Madison is a popular internet dating site that may be worth considering if you are looking for a sugar daddy relationship.